Corporate and school donations are a fast-growing part of Goodwill’s revenue stream – the lifeblood of our Mission Services programs that provide jobs, education and job placement services for people with disabilities or other barriers. For example, our GoodGRADS program has helped hundreds of adults earn their High School Equivalency – that all-important first step to employment.

How do you get started? It’s fast, simple, painless: call Goodwill’s Shannon Harper, and join the dozens of local and area businesses and schools that Goodwill has worked with to collect donations that can be ‘recycled for revenue’. These can include merchandise that is obsolete or outdated; surplus items such as furniture, computers, ink cartridges and phones; warehouse items such as gaylords, pallets, racking and fixtures, and so on.

Shannon will also help organize a Donation Drive to gather gently used, unwanted apparel and household goods. She’ll provide all the tools you need to create an event you and your employees and/or students will be proud of.

Goodwill Donation Drive:

The Process

  • Talk to your company or school about hosting a Goodwill Donation Drive. Donation items can include everything that’s on our list of acceptable donations (see Donations from Individuals).
  • Contact Shannon Harper to schedule a Drive.
  • Receive your Donation Drive Toolkit, containing all the materials you’ll need to help promote and manage your event.
  • Goodwill will also furnish Goodwill bins that can be placed in various locations to help collect and organize donated items.
  • Employees and/or students will drop off their goods. When the bins are full, call Goodwill for same-day pickup.
  • A few days after the event, you’ll receive a letter from Goodwill documenting the success of the event, measured by quantity. We’ll use this to promote your participation in the event to your community – and you’ll receive a valuable tax deduction for your charitable donation!

Ready To Donate?

Call Shannon today at 815-987-6237, or click button to email her!

Wanted: Ink Cartridges

We accept and recycle ink cartridges.


Drop off at any of our Goodwill locations.