Goodwill Success Story

Sara’s Success Story:

Meet Sara.  She has been a member of Crystal Lake Goodwill’s Supported Employment Program for over 5 years.  She brings a positive and upbeat energy that is contagious to the entire store.  Her position as a sales associate involves organizing clothing and accessories before the store opens. Once the clock strikes 9 a.m., Sara flies into action, along with a store manager, to open the front doors.  She greets customers with a cheerful “Good Morning” and a bright smile. She also assists in opening fitting rooms and answering questions for customers.  She organizes, categorizes, and hangs clothing on racks throughout the day.  Sara has the “GIRL POWER!” inside her to produce up to 5 racks per work shift.  She enjoys knowing that she is providing new merchandise to customers all day long. Sara’s hard work and dedication are shown through her actions every day.

Keep up the great work, Sara!  All of us at Goodwill are so lucky to have you on our team!